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A B O U T   U S



The story of the famous Salsa Guacamaya, began in 1948, at El Rosario, Sinaloa. (Mexico) where Don Pablo Gandarilla and Doña Severa del Rincon Bernal launched small and domestic business.

History of La Guacamaya

Originally the sauce was developed through rudimentary techniques and utensils. A manual mill for nixtamal and stone metate were used to grind the chili and spices used for the sauce.


Basically the sauce were prepared with ground chiles, spices and condiments. Small productions were obtained with these methods, yet they allowed the sauce became popular in the town and the southern part of the state. The great acceptance of the sauce forced to expand production volumes and thus the techniques used to make the sauce.

Frank C. Müller, 2005

In 1962 the sauce reaches the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, through the partnership with city entrepreneurs. Thus, the small family business became an institutional company. In 1987 started the construction of a big factory in Culiacan, increasing the production and ensuring the supply. By this time the Salsa Guacamaya has already been established as part of Sinaloa's taste, and began to penetrate in the states of Sonora and Baja California.

By today, Industrias Guacamaya is a company with over 200 employees, in different states of Mexico and distribution points in the United States.


Equipped with modern technology and production equipment, ensuring the commitment and quality of the original product, Industrias Guacamaya currently produces a great variety of sauces, spices and products from nearly seven decades ago. We continue "dando el punto" to Mexican and international food.

"We are a family with experience, committed to transforming ingredients and market quality products, making our brand a symbol of satisfaction and confidence"

Our mission is oriented towards the integration of our team in a united family, with the same objectives. We take the combined expertise of our employees accumulated during nearly 7 decades, to transform ingredients in quality products that our consumers enjoy in their food.



In La Guacamaya we maintain a constant commitment to quality and service, always seeking the satisfaction and trust of our customers and consumers.

"We season special moments, sharing experiences"

In La Guacamaya we seek to be part of those special moments shared with the loved ones; the meal with the family, snack with friends, meeting with colleagues.



Since 1948 we have shared our experience in developing products that will "give the point" to those special moments.



Our company and employees are guided by values and principles we aimed to always do the best in our work. This set of values shape our code of honor:

Code of Honor
  • Our actions are worthy of the pride of being part of La Guacamaya. We are a family.

  • We express ourselves and listen without fear. There is always room for improvement.

  • We are always committed, willing and doing what it takes to make things happen.

  • We act with good intentions and always support the team.

  • We love what we do, we work with passion.

  • We always keep our activities in a timely and correct manner.

  • Measure, we evaluate and act, always with a clear objective.

  • We make good use of time and resources provided.

Code of Honor
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